A/ Basic information.
The operator of the visitele service and the website www.visitele.com is visitele j. s. a., Hviezdoslavovo námestie 189/7 811 02 Bratislava - mestská časť Staré Mesto, Org. ID: 50943502, registered in the Commercial Register at Bratislava I District Court, Section: Sja, File No. 17/B (“visitele operator”).

The visitele service (the “service”) is designed for direct communication between a website’s operator and visitors to such site (“customer”) using telecommunications networks and a web browser for the purposes of presenting goods and services offered by the website's operators for the purposes of concluding a contract or closing a sale.

The service includes visual, voice and text transmission and the transmission of files from the service operator to the customer and from the customer to the service operator.

B/ Conditions of use for the visitele service.
1. The customer activates the service by clicking a specific button on the service operator’s website.

The following data requested by the visitele operator: the visitor’s name and email address, is required to begin using the service. This personal data is processed on the legal basis of consent. If such personal data is not provided, the operator will not be able to contact the customer.

2. The customer may use this service as follows:
Chat – used to transmit text and files
Phone call – used to transmit voice, text and files,
Video call – used to transmit images, voice, text and files.

The customer must have a microphone and camera that are browser-compatible to make voice or video calls.

The visitele operator may share their screen with the customer in every mode of communication.

3. The service operator and the customer are authorised to end communication using the service at any time.

4. The service operator is not responsible for determining the quality of transmission or damages resulting from the technical parameters of the services.

5. The customer is not entitled to use the service.

6. All copyrights and title to the visitele service are reserved.