A/ Basic information.

The operator of the visitele service and the website www.visitele.com is visitele j. s. a., Hviezdoslavovo námestie 189/7 811 02 Bratislava - mestská časť Staré Mesto, Org. ID: 50943502, registered in the Commercial Register at Bratislava I District Court, Section: Sja, File No. 17/B (“visitele operator”).

The visitele service (the “service”) is designed for direct communication between a website’s operator and visitors to such site (“customer”) using telecommunications networks and a web browser for the purposes of presenting goods and services offered by the website's operators for the purposes of concluding a contract or closing a sale.

The service includes visual, voice and text transmission and the transmission of files from the service operator to the customer and from the customer to the service operator.

B/ Conditions of use for the visitele service.

1. The customer activates the service by clicking a specific button on the service operator’s website.

The following data requested by the visitele operator: the visitor’s name and email address, is required to begin using the service. This personal data is processed on the legal basis of consent. If such personal data is not provided, the operator will not be able to contact the customer.

2. The customer may use this service as follows:
Chat – used to transmit text and files
Phone call – used to transmit voice, text and files,
Video call – used to transmit images, voice, text and files.

The customer must have a microphone and camera that are browser-compatible to make voice or video calls.

The visitele operator may share their screen with the customer in every mode of communication.

3. The service operator and the customer are authorised to end communication using the service at any time.

4. The service operator is not responsible for determining the quality of transmission or damages resulting from the technical parameters of the services.

5. The customer is not entitled to use the service.

6. All copyrights and title to the visitele service are reserved.

C/ Protection of personal data when using the visitele service.

1. The transmission, processing and storage of personal data via the service are subject to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

2. Data transmitted through the service and between the customer’s device and the server is encrypted. Data transmitted through the service is stored exclusively on servers located inside the EU and subject to EU laws. 

3. The visitele operator shall not keep any record of the video or voice transmissions from the customer. Any temporary files with voice or video records are automatically deleted once transmission ends.

The visitele operator is authorised to record video and voice transmissions if the customer attacks its employees in a vulgar, demeaning or unlawful manner, whereby it is obliged to inform the customer of the start of such recording. These recordings may only be used within a period of 30 days in a court, criminal or administrative procedure under valid Slovak law, or they must be deleted within this period. If a recording is used within the 30-day period from its creation, the visitele operator shall store such recording for the duration of the legal proceeding and only delete it within 30 days of the end of such proceeding.

The customer is not authorised to make any recording of video or voice transmissions in any method that involves the use of hardware, software, screen capture or other means. Any accidental recordings must be removed from their devices. The customer’s provisioning of such voice or video recording to any third party is prohibited.

4. The visitele operator may transfer, process and store the name, email address, text communication and exchanged files, or any other customer-provided personal data obtained through the visitele service for the purposes of concluding a purchase agreement, a service level agreement or other similar agreement or contract for products offered through the visitele operator’s website (“contract”).

The visitele operator shall save this obtained data, text communication and exchanged files for a period of up to 30 days even if no purchase agreement is concluded.

If communication via the visitele service results in the conclusion of a contract, the name, email address, text communication and exchanged files or other customer-provided personal data shall be deleted by the visitele service operator within 30 days of the period defined by law in which the customer may effectively exercise its entitlements under the concluded contract in front of the courts or another authorised institution.

The operator shall only request from the customer during communication via the visitele service, and then transmit, process and store, personal data within its information systems in the scope required to conclude a valid contract and to ensure its performance.

The failure to provide such required personal data may result in: 
- the inability to continue activities leading to conclusion of a contract, 
- the inability to conclude a contract,
- the inability to execute a concluded contract.

Within the defined purpose, the processing of personal data shall not lead to any automated individualised decision making or profiling activities.

5. The visitele operator shall only provide personal data, especially the name, email address, text communication and exchanged files, obtained via the visitele service to third parties if they are listed as a contributing party in such contract concluded via or with the assistance of the visitele service or, as the case may be, determined from the contents of such contract, or if the statutory claim of a public authority is involved. Such third party or public authority is responsible for the protection of this personal data under the conditions with which the customer had the opportunity to review during conclusion of the contract or under general legislation.

6. The visitele operator shall not use the personal data obtained via the visitele service for any marketing purposes.

7. The person designated by the operator with responsibility for the protection of such personal data may be contacted via email at distribution(@)visitele(.)com or via letter sent to the visitele operator’s registered office.

8. A customer that provides their name, email or other personal data on the visitele service operator’s website during initialisation or in communication via the visitele service has the following rights under valid legislation:

- if the customer questions the accuracy of the processed personal data,

- if the processing if unlawful, but the customer does not request the deletion of their personal data,

- if the operator no longer needs the personal data, but the data is required by the customer to enforce their legal claims

- if the customer objects to the processing of personal data based on the legitimate interests of the operator, from the moment the legitimacy of this objection is considered

The operator shall inform the customer before cancelling a restriction on the processing of personal data.

The customer may exercise their rights with the operator at any of its offices or via written request with an officially certified signature to the operator’s registered office.

The customer has the right to submit a petition to commence the procedure laid down under §100 of Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data to the Office of Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic, Hraničná 12, 820 07 Bratislava.